What Saved Two Strangers - Finale

Finally I took a step back so I could look into Carole’s eyes. Then I asked what I’d been wondering all these years. “Why didn’t you ever write?”

I thought Carole was going to start crying all over again. “Have you ever received a gift so precious that you didn’t know how to say thank you? I couldn’t even look at Jill’s picture until a couple days ago,” she said, then held me close again. “I’m so glad I got a chance to thank you in person.”

At last I understood. Carole hadn’t been unfeeling at all. If anything, she’d felt too much, like me.

I think God was patiently waiting for the right time to bring us together. That moment at the finish line was the start of a great friendship and partnership, kind of like the way the end of Jill’s life gave Carole a new beginning.

Together, Carole and I give talks about organ donation, and the more people we reach, the bigger and brighter and more connected the world seems.