Crayons and Careers

I believe in making my 40+ hours of work each week lead to something greater than myself, and I’ve built my career with the environment close to my heart. I’ve traveled all over the country studying waste, led tours through modern recycling centers, and encouraged thousands of people to reduce their waste.

Recently, someone asked me where my passion for saving the Earth came from. I thought back far, further than the exemplary environmental stewardship I experienced while living in Germany, further than my environmental chemistry class, where I learned the science behind the hole in the Ozone layer, and further than our family trips to the mountains. I made it all the way back to Ms. Rybock’s kindergarten class.

She made the Earth come alive. We studied everything from giant gray whales to little, tiny bugs. We made replicas of animals, raised real salmon eggs in our classroom and released them into the wild (they came back in third grade), and became perfect recyclers.

Thank you, Ms. Rybock, for teaching me to be curious, for teaching me to care, and for teaching me to appreciate all of the natural wonder this world holds.

I would guess that you went into teaching to inspire little minds to make the world better, but teachers often don’t get to see the impact when little minds grow into big minds. I hope you know that through me and my classmates you are making quite a difference.


Kristin & Lindsay