The Thank You Project

Gratitude and tragedy. Gratitude might not be the antidote to suffering and grief, but it can help us stay more connected to ourselves and to those around us.

In 2004, Kellie, her husband, and their 14-week old son, Eli were in a horrific car accident. After losing her husband, the airlift team, medics, doctors, and hospital staff believed in her son and worked tirelessly to save him. See what happens when she finds them ten years later. We dare you not to cry…

“This whole journey has been such a mix of the darkness right next to the beauty.” Gratitude is not part of the seven stages of grief, perhaps because it can coexist with all of them. Being able to experience grief with gratitude makes us human. Who has brought beauty into your dark times?

Somethin' to think about,

Kristin & Lindsay