Give and . . . Give

This week's #ThankYouThursday is a guest post from one of our favorite mamas on the block:

The doorbell rang three times. It was 11 am on a Tuesday. Who does that these days? UPS drops their package after just one ring, and no one ever visits me. Reluctantly, I opened the door to find the most beautiful bouquet of succulents (my favorite) with a note from Chelsea.

Earlier that morning, when I turned off the TV, my typically fun-loving three-year old began bawling. For literally no reason. He cried getting into the car. He cried getting out of the car. He cried walking into daycare. He sat in the corner….and cried.

I felt heartbroken. As a mom, I’m supposed fix his tears. While this might sound small, these daily moments with my kids will become the building blocks of who they are. #adultingishard

As I stood with one foot in the classroom and one out the door, Chelsea brought her daughter to daycare. Although somewhat disguised, she read the look on my face and knew I felt defeated. She and her daughter distracted my son enough to get him into daycare. Without saying anything, she just knew what I needed.

I hadn’t even thanked Chelsea, when her gift and kind note arrived on my doorstep. At first, I felt guilty. But, that was quickly overcome by feeling so special and comforted knowing that people like her exist and so fortunate that she is in my life. She was too focused on empathizing with me to expect a thank you from me.

Thank you, Chelsea, for guessing what I needed. I admire your thoughtfulness but even more so, I admire you acting on it. I aspire to act on my own thoughtfulness, because I know how great it made me feel. Your empathy made me feel less alone and reminded me to take something that can feel so defeating in stride.

I don’t even know how to thank you, but I hope this blog captures it. This is truly what we call paying it forward.

Onward and upward,

The Kinder Girls & Katie S.