The Blind Spot

Sometimes, the people we love most are the ones we thank the least.

I remember to thank someone very special to me for almost everything on a daily level —lovely dinners, sweet cards, foot rubs, grocery runs, occasional flowers. But, amidst the hustle and bustle, I haven’t thanked him for the one thing I’m most grateful for.

In 2014, I had an itch that there was more to life than selling insurance. I wanted to backpack through France and learn about food; I wanted to spend six months navigating a country where I knew no one, had no plan, limited language skills, and a minimal budget. To do this properly, I’d have to leave my loving boyfriend at home.

He met me with more than just his approval to flap my wings – he made me better. Through his unwavering enthusiasm, support, and understanding, he loved me for me - even if it meant he’d attend work Christmas parties and friend gatherings solo; receive a late postcard on his birthday; and see me only during sporadic FaceTime calls.

Many couples don’t make it through big life changes like this. I never intended to test him or us, but this little excursion proved just how strong we are. He made chasing my dream so easy.

At the end of the six months, I not only found my fulfilling new career path in the culinary world, but peace knowing that I had truly found my guy – the one with whom I can be myself and who will support my dreams even more than I do. And, as of Friday, I get to call him my fiancée.

So, Christopher, I am so grateful that you are you, and you are mine. And that you’re just as excited about this whole crazy adventure as I am.

Goin' to the chapel,

Lindsay & Kristin