Nuts & Bolts

Gratitude helps us celebrate the “ordinary” heroes in our lives, the people who make our days brighter and our challenges lesser along the way. This one goes out to Orchard Supply Hardware’s finest:

It was a hot summer afternoon when my sink decided it had had enough. Thousands of strands of my 30+ inch-long hair had completely clogged it. Disheveled and sweating, I went to Orchard Supply Hardware.

I wasn’t willing to throw a bunch of Drano at the problem, and Clark could probably tell from my pinched expression that I was going to be more particular than his average customer.

He took me to a model sink, spent an hour teaching me how to dismantle it, and watched patiently as I attempted to reproduce his craft. When I got home, I felt like Rosie the Riveter. I completely dismantled my entire sink, cleaned all the valves, pipes, and gasket thingys. In no time, my sink was flowing like Eminem in 8-Mile. I felt so accomplished and empowered.

To me, Clark went above and beyond, but to him, he was just doing his job. Hardware store managers don’t get commission on how much time they spend with a customer or the $.85 nuts and bolts they sell. Clark helped me for no reason other than to the joy of helping another human.

Clark gave me the confidence to tackle those small nuisances that eventually become big problems – and he doesn’t even know it. Who’s gone out of his/her way to lessen a challenge for you?

Don't call the plumber. You got this,