Beyond Grateful

You don’t have to admit this to anyone, but if you’ve been watching E!, you might have heard of Tyler Henry. His show, Hollywood Medium, is sandwiched between the Kardashian franchise and, well, more of the Kardashian franchise. However, he has a much different message – as a clairvoyant, he gives his clients insight into the spiritual realm.

In his new book, Between Two Worlds, Henry shares the five messages that he commonly receives from spirits. From their new vantage point, souls have been able to forgive, let go of conflict, and to see their life’s struggles as guiding lessons. In a world where grudges, self-doubt, and fear disappear, only gratitude remains.

For those of us here on Earth with challenges that feel real, what does this mean? This blog will forever explore that. Here’s Henry’s answer, “Reminding yourself of what you do have takes up headspace that might otherwise be focusing on what you don’t have. We can never have too much gratitude – it’s grounding, and it gives us clarity over what really matters in the present (and every) moment.”

Whether or not you believe in an afterlife, knowing that someday you will be grateful for even your struggles, how would you change today?

Livin' on the edge,