The Legend of the Plumber

We feature first-hand stories. Unfortunately, I can’t pinpoint where this story originated, but it was impactful enough that I had to share it you. It goes something like this:

A plumber fixed a woman’s sink. She called him a few days later. Seeing the woman’s number (this is a modern legend), he answered “What’s wrong with your sink?” before even saying hello. He quickly softened when he heard, “Nothing is wrong with my sink. It’s perfect. That’s why I called – to say thank you! I feel so much better knowing that my sink doesn’t drip all day.” He then told her that she was the first person who has ever thanked him for his work. The only follow-up calls he’s ever received were complaints.

We remember to remind someone when something goes wrong, but how often do we remind someone when something goes right? How many people made your life a little easier without ever knowing it – your CPA, barista, parking attendant, dental hygienist? Taking an extra minute to thank someone can change their entire outlook - we can never hear praise enough.

Who is the “plumber” in your life?

Sink's clogged,

Kristin & Lindsay