Light 2017 on Fire from Within

New Year’s invites us to reflect on our previous year and project for the upcoming year. Wonderful things can come from that - launching KinderInk was at the top of my list for 2016. New Year’s resolutions can also feel intimidating – focusing on where you’ve fallen short, not knowing how to accomplish your goals, or thinking that you can’t be happy until you achieve that goal.

Maybe the only thing we need to improve is recognizing that we’re pretty great the way we are. When we feel good about ourselves, we treat others better, we enjoy life more, and we find the good around us. And, maybe then the gratitude follows.

When we began 37 weeks ago, we sought to make gratitude more tangible. Your stories have helped us explore and begin to define it. We’re still not sure what comes first – gratitude or self-appreciation – but we know they’re connected. These five alternative resolutions suggest how to explore both in 2017.

How will you light it on fire from within?


Kristin & Lindsay