The Unexpected Thank You

Following our Thanksgiving survey, Kevin from Wildlife Computers, which offers the best tools to advance animal behavioral research globally, was inspired to share his story.

I love giving— my time, a physical gift, or my counsel. I don’t do it for the thank you, unless I let you in when driving. Then I expect a friendly hand wave! However, I have found that I really treasure an unexpected thank you.

It was the beginning of a normal work day. One of our employees came into my office, sat down, and said she had something to say: thank you. She was getting ready to go to bed the night before when she stopped and smiled. She realized just how thankful she was to be working here and that I was her boss. Then she gave me a high five, said “let’s get to work!”, and vanished from my office.

I barely had a chance to respond, although I knew she wasn’t looking for a response. I tried to comprehend why her simple thank you had touched me so much. Without knowing, she had just made my day.

Much of my job satisfaction comes from fostering employee growth and providing a workplace that my employees are proud of. I felt so good, because she recognized that. The minute she spent saying thank you showed me that the years I’ve spent at my job are making a difference in people’s lives and energized me to work even harder for them.

We can never have enough recognition – even your wildly-successful boss, totally-together teacher, or highly-regarded doctor thrive off of hearing thank you. One minute of sharing gratitude can have a huge impact on anyone.

Go get 'em,

P.S. We couldn't resist sharing this second photo of Kevin and his friend.