Giving the Gift of Gratitude

A few weeks ago, we asked you for one item you are grateful for. We received great answers, including: a backpack and a collection of refrigerator magnets. These physical items enable us to experience something of a higher intrinsic value.

One item I’m thankful for? Thank you notes (and not just because we’re in the biz). It’s not about the paper, stamp, or pen. When I travel, thank you notes allow me to express my gratitude immediately and leave me a welcome place to return.

Recently, I went to Innovation Week for my parent company – over 150,000 employees. Knowing that I should practice what I preach, I wrote a thank you to the memorable contacts I met there, including the organizer. Her response (she’s a native French speaker) to my thank you note filled me with so much joy:

“Your thank you card is one of the most gratifying messages I have received.

It makes me proud of my accomplishment and of the great teams that made it happen.

I have to admit that I have not been discreet with your message and have been sharing it with my close colleagues.

Positive attitudes and joy are the great drivers of human communities. They are gifts we share and that we can grow.”

My thank you made me another friend in Paris. This Christmas, we are making personalized stationery – your name, favorite animal, or favorite word. Let us make some for you (or as a special gift for someone you love) to share your gratitude wherever you are.

Ho! Ho! Ho!,

P.S. If you haven’t gotten around to printing those Christmas cards, email us by Dec 18th, and we’ll do them for you! Signed, sealed, and delivered.