Don't Open Till Saturday

Because it’s Thanksgiving, we feel like we should write you an email about how grateful we are to you, our loyal readers, our community. But, we don’t want this email to get lost amidst Old Navy offering you 63% off today only and Best Buy selling two for one TVs till midnight. Plus, we’re grateful for you all year, not just when it’s festive.

Most of what we read about gratitude feels intangible. When you hear that you should wake up every morning with gratitude in your heart, what does that actually mean?! At KinderInk, we hope to make gratitude more tangible.

For our 33rd blog post, we want to know what gratitude means to you. Now that you’ve digested your turkey dinner and reflected a little bit on gratitude, take two minutes (seriously) to complete our five question survey.

And, if you’re feeling particularly motivated to share, email us:

  • What does gratitude mean to you?

  • What is a story about gratitude?

  • What questions or challenges do you see with gratitude?

Save room for dessert,