Gratitude Looks Good, Even on Corporations

A few weeks ago, as I was sifting through my 34,621 unread emails, one of the few I opened was from my good friends at Nordstrom.

Nordstrom is a corporation. In 2015, they made $14.4 billion in revenue. But, under the spell of their 2016 holiday ad campaign, Love, Nordstrom, they are my best friend, my confidant, and partner in crime. In beautifully visual photos, Nordstrom writes little thank yous to their beloved customers.

Why do we at KinderInk care about the ad campaign of a billion-dollar company? Expressing sincere gratitude humanizes Nordstrom. They were there for you before your first job, helped you find the perfect gift for your son’s 5th birthday, and walked down the aisle with you at your wedding.

If a few words from the heart can make a giant corporation feel human, imagine what a few thoughtful words from you could do for your friends and family.

Read it here. You might find yourself distracted for a little longer than expected…



(And don’t forget that if you want to send a few kind holiday words individualized to your friends and family, KinderInk is here for you.)