Thanks for the Money, Honey

Maybe it was $10 on your 10th birthday, and one more dollar with every birthday thereafter; or a check from grandma folded into a teeny tiny square; or just an envelope that was a dead giveaway. Good things come in small…envelopes.

We all appreciate the freedom that comes with a cash gift, but sometimes saying thank you for money can feel a little awkward.

Here are the two rules to follow:

  1. Don’t mention the specific amount of money you received

  2. Say what you are going to (or already did) use the cash for. You could even include a picture of the activity.

And a few examples:

Dear Aunt Judy,

Thank you so much for the generous check for our wedding! As you know, we are visiting Thailand this summer so we are thrilled put it towards our trip – fine food, beautiful beaches, and jungle adventures. Your dance moves added so much to our special day - I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.



Dear Joey,

When we opened our wedding card and found your check inside, we were filled with happiness and gratitude. We have been saving to purchase a car, and now we are so much closer to reaching our goal. We’ll think of you when we drive it. Thank you for sending such a thoughtful gift!



Go water your money tree,