Getting off the Treadmill

How do you say thank you when you feel like it’s too late?

I believe that we make time for what’s important to us. However, sometimes, we truly have more to do than hours in the day.

How is it that life events attract more life events? The same year you get married also happens to be the same year that you move to a new city, land your dream job, and start a life with your best friend. Life’s treadmill keeps moving and having so many people to thank can feel overwhelming.

Whether a wedding, birthday, or just a friend’s thoughtfulness, the more grateful we feel for the gesture from our loved ones the guiltier we feel for not communicating our gratitude – yet. Here are some helpful hints to writing a thank you note(s) that feels too late.

Rule #1: Thank you is never too late. We are humans. Everyone knows how it feels to be overwhelmed and late. Behind all the etiquette and pressure to write thank yous is a more important value – sharing gratitude. We all relish in feeling appreciated – no matter when. Don’t let guilt cause more procrastination.

Rule #2: Acknowledge that you’re late, but don’t dwell on it. This is a thank you note, not an “I’m sorry” note. Here are a few sentences to borrow:

“With a big move directly following our wedding, we are sending this much later than we’d like. However, that doesn’t change how grateful we are for the crystal flutes and the time you spent traveling.”

We are so sorry to be sending this late, because it does not reflect how often we think about you and how special your toast made our wedding.

This thank you is long overdue, and we appreciate your patience with us! Please know that we smile every time we use the margarita machine you gave us.

Rule #3: Add personal touches. The key to making any thank you feel sincere is to include a concrete detail or two. Talk about how the gift smells, feels, tastes, looks; how you plan to use it; or how you felt receiving it. Alternatively, tell the recipient something you admire about him/her. For examples, check out our previous blogs: Thank You Notes Get Personal and The Thank You That Paints a Picture.

Secret Rule #4: If you’re behind on thank yous and want to complete them in an afternoon, call Kinder Ink – we’re here for you!

Know someone who should have sent a thank you note by now? Send them to Kinder Ink. Okay, just kidding, but not really. We want to help!

To the rescue,