Thank You Is Never Too Late

We apologize that this is a little late. For some of you, Thank You Thursday has turned into Thank You Friday (New York and Chicago we're talking to you!). But, in the spirit of this week’s theme, we thought better late than never. We are very excited to share our dear friend, Mary K.'s story:

Thank you notes. Hearing that word always brings me back to the guilt I feel for not sending out my wedding thank you notes. I’m especially remorseful when I see the friends and family who made the celebration the best day of our lives. I wonder if they’ve forgotten, or maybe they assumed the thank you note was lost in the mail. Blaming the post office is always easy. But, I was raised better than that, and I’m sure my guests think the same.

My heart was bursting with love and joy throughout my wedding. As special moments arose, I would discretely write down notes, intending to reference them in their thank you notes. My mind was constantly ticking with ideas around surprising and delighting all of our guests with a big heart-felt thank you.

Post wedding exhaustion left me so physically and emotionally drained that buckling down to handwrite 100 heart-felt messages felt so daunting! I mustered up the energy to start with 10 thank you notes. My goal was to average five a day. But quickly, my husband and I slipped into the rhythm of our new life together – maintaining jobs, friendships, and our relationship.

Nearly two months had passed since our wedding, and saying thank you to the 90 guests still on my list now felt stale, clearly an after-thought. I didn’t know thank you note etiquette provided me a year to share my gratitude.

Showing gratitude to those who spent the time, money, and energy to celebrate our next chapter would have meant so much to them, and more important, to us. A thank you note is the final resolution to a wedding. It’s one of few opportunities that brides and grooms get to return the love and joy that friends and family share during a wedding. I don’t regret much, but as I reflect on one of the best days of my life, I wish I would have sent my thank you cards, even if they seemed late.

Do you know any newlyweds who could use a hand completing their thank you notes? Do them a tremendous favor: forward them this email!