The Anatomy of a Thank You Note

Anatomy was the worst grade I ever received in college. It was a night class. Our professor asked us questions on material he hadn’t taught. And, it was my last quarter of senior year.

Thankfully, Dr. Kinder will not be operating on you today. But, she will be sharing a helpful template for the anatomy of a thank you note.

Writing thank you notes really is an art and a science. When writing 100+ thank you notes (or sometimes even one) feels like a chore, our template below outlines the science. Then, you can add your spark, your art to make it yours:

  1. Greeting (don’t forget to include +1s or family members if multiple people gave one gift)

  2. Mention the specific gift and how you’re going to use it

  3. Mention a specific moment with the giver or something you appreciate about him/her

  4. Reference something you’re looking forward to

  5. Sign off

Here’s what it looks like:

(1) Dear Sally and Jeff,

(2) The giant champagne bottle was such a surprise! We have displayed it above our fireplace until the perfect moment arrives. (3) It meant so much to us that you flew all the saw from North Dakota for our wedding. It certainly wouldn’t have been the same without you moonwalking across the dance floor! (4) We can’t wait to see you again at Thanksgiving.

(5) Lots of love,

Sarah and Sam

*Use excalamation points thoughtfully. We are certainly guilty of overusing them here at KinderInk – it’s tempting when you’re excited about everything. However, ending every sentence with an exclamation point takes away from the special sentences that deserve one.

Send this to a friend! Who do you know who has a pile of thank you notes to write?