365 Days of Thank You

A near death experience helped Brian Doyle find the joy of gratitude. When he was 18, he was almost killed in a car accident, and after, he vowed to thank one person every day—for 365 days. He called or met with each person.

Brian opens up in this TED talk about his journey:

I wake up every day saying: Who am I going to thank today? And for what?

Then I spend rest of my day looking for the good, and it is absolutely everywhere. Now, I can't remember what it feels like to not say thank you to somebody each day.

His findings?

People don’t know we appreciate them unless we verbalize it - we hope they do, we think that they know and we assume they know, but they honestly don't unless we tell them.

In this video he describes his most memorable encounters.

The eight minutes are worth it.

Watch here: