Thank You Notes Get Personal

We’ve been talking to a lot of brides here at KinderInk. Our writing tip today was inspired by one lovely bride-to-be: Lindsey in Houston. Within five minutes of chatting, I could tell she’s an expert at expressing gratitude.

Her best advice? Include a detail about your experience with the person. Even a small detail—a reference to a vacation he/she mentioned, a favorite wine you bonded over, or his/her significant other—reminds the reader that you are speaking to him/her personally.

Sometimes, remembering these details from conversations at your wedding could feel overwhelming when writing 100s of thank you notes. Including any memory or compliment will help your thank yous sound personal.

…We just loved that crystal vase. And I didn’t get a chance to tell you this at the wedding, but the rosé we picked out for the bar was inspired by the trip you and I took to New York for spring break senior year!...

This is also a great strategy if you don’t have much to say about the gift. While acknowledging the gift is important, acknowledging what someone means to you can feel just as significant.

During the pomp and circumstance that surround a wedding, the bride and groom receive lots of love and attention from their community. Wedding thank you notes are a rare, formal opportunity to return that appreciation to loved ones – not just for their gifts but also whom they are.