Are You That Gentleman?

Today, we share a small, heartwarming story of how one stranger brightened another’s day, the same way you can brighten the day of a friend with a heart-felt thank you note.

When she was starting out, Jackie of Blooming Hites Floral and Event Design in Southern California and Atlanta, was helping an older woman put together a bouquet of her favorite flowers, “’the ones that smell good,’”:

“While I was ringing her up, a gentleman walked in just as the woman realized she had left her wallet in the car, so she left to get her wallet. The man picked out his flowers, and when he brought them to the counter, he paid for both his and her bouquet, then left before the woman returned. He wasn’t there to see her burst into tears of joy at this act of random kindness: When she turned to thank him, he had already vanished. Years later, I am still touched by the pure kindness from the man, who expected nothing in return.”

This story reminds us that a simple act can have a long-lasting ripple effect on others. Such kindness lets us know that we matter, that someone, somewhere thinks we are special. And we all want to feel that.

Although writing a thank you note for a wedding gift might seem insignificant, it’s a simple way you can bring a smile or a tear of joy to your guest’s face, to let them know they’re special. Like the man in our story, you might not be there to witness it, but it’s all worth it as you imagine how a wedding guest feels when they receive your sincere thank you note.

Happy Thursday!

P.S. When the anxiety (and, face it, sometimes drudgery) of writing a thank you note starts to feel more heroic than a simple act of kindness, we’re here to help!

P.S.S. A special thank you to Jackie for sharing this sweet happening with us. Has somebody disappeared before you were able to thank them? Let us know and we'll feature your story!