A Dramatic Thank You

A special thank you to our anonymous guest blogger for sharing his thank-you-that-got-away:

Occasionally you encounter someone who changes your life, but you don’t appreciate it until years later.

My freshman year of high school, I excelled as a varsity athlete in two sports—water polo and golf. As a senior, I captained both teams to city championships and league titles. My head coaches had a tremendous impact on my personal development, but someone else helped shape me into the man I am today: my high school drama teacher.

Because I was a natural athlete, standing over 6’2”, I easily could have been dismissed as the high school jock; but Mrs. B recognized my instinctive stage presence and urged me to try acting. In my high school, I was the only person to sport a speedo and goggles Saturday morning, and be in a theater costume that afternoon. Playing my most challenging role as Sir Toby in Twelfth Night revealed talents I didn’t even know I had. Acting quickly became one of my passions; and without my drama teacher’s encouragement, I never would have discovered it.

Though it has taken me many years to appreciate this, Mrs. B, thank you for encouraging me and giving me confidence in public settings—in the boardroom or just around friends. You gave me so much more than roles in high school plays.

Right now is the perfect time to say thank you! Whether it’s a quick text, email, or phone call (and if you’ve got a long list, KinderInk can help!) words of affirmation, thanks, and praise will always be well received, even years later.

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