The Thank Yous That Lasted a Year

What's life really like after the wedding? Alex Blair, our first guest writer, tells all:

"Our Saratoga fall wedding was everything I hoped it would be: friends and family from around the world, the vows, speeches, first-dance, father daughter dance, party, after-party, band, flowers, dessert bar, laughter, tears, and countless hugs, not to mention an Indian themed rehearsal dinner and Sunday morning brunch. As my husband and I headed to the airport for our honeymoon in the Philippines, we were ready for two weeks of decompressing and reminiscing about our epic celebration.

Before we knew it, we were back in our tiny NYC apartment, returning to work, and unable to believe we were on the other side of this pivotal life step. Planning a wedding can feel like a full-time job, and suddenly we had free time again.

The one catch was all the boxes piled around our apartment, all the thoughtful gifts from our friends and family. We were so for grateful for the time spent and distance traveled to celebrate our union, not to mention all the wonderful gifts on top of this. Yet, weeks and then months slipped by, and our thank you notes slipped further and further down our to-do list.

We came up with countless excuses. First, it was waiting for our wedding photos, so we could pick the perfect print for the cards (4 months), then finding the right design, ordering, and receiving the cards (2 months). By then, we were apartment hunting and starting a new job (3 months).

The thank you cards remained on my mind constantly, especially after conversations with my mother who gently (but unfailingly) reminded me that I needed to send them. I continued to respond, “But, I have a whole year.” With our one-year anniversary less than a month away, I was furiously writing my half of our 200 thank you cards before and after work, on weekends and during any free moment I could find. Wanting to make each note as personal as possible, especially in light of the tardiness, the process was exhausting.

We survived and the thank you notes were happily received by all, but as a couple that still has PTSD from thank you cards, KinderInk is a revelation. The cards are beautiful, personal, and *most important to us* completed in a timely manner, so your guests can appreciate the thank you while the wedding is still fresh in their minds.

Congrats on an amazing and much-needed business!"