On the Heels of Mother's Day

To commemorate Mother’s Day, we were asked how our mom has influenced us as entrepreneurs. We can see her in everything we do at KinderInk. Here is how Mama Kinder set our creativity in motion long before KinderInk was even a twinkle in our eyes:

1. Pay attention to the details. Whether tying a perfect bow on a friend’s birthday gift or investing in matching wine glasses for a dinner party, going the extra mile for the details creates a lasting feeling that demonstrates how much you care.

2. Don’t ever write something you wouldn’t want everyone to see forever. I don’t think she ever remembers telling me this, but I will never forget it. I was in middle school and everyone was starting to pass notes—remember, this was when even Zack Morris couldn’t text on his iconic mobile— when she shared this golden piece of advice. But, she also implied some equally important advice that is the very fabric of KinderInk: write positive, meaningful things to people who are special to you, so that they have them forever.

3. Learn how to use tools. I knew what a T-square was at six years old, used a glue gun when I was seven, and operated a drill by thirteen. Few problems can’t be solved with one of these items.

While mom can be easy to dismiss sometimes, we are so grateful for how ours has shaped us. To all of our readers who are moms, never forget that even if they don’t tell you, your kids are soaking up everything you do – keep being awesome!