The Thank You That Got Away

We all have one. Perhaps a few. The thank you that got away.

Although small, sharing gratitude connects us to the people who matter to us, but sometimes, for whatever reason, we are unable to express it.

Here’s one of mine:

I’ve loved soccer since I was five. Crushed doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt when I found myself in the emergency room with my appendix about to explode three weeks before the State Finals my senior year. My first question: How long is the recovery? At least 4-6 weeks…

I recently found a beautifully-crafted thank you note I wrote for the two doctors who took out my appendix with a special procedure that put me back on the soccer field in 10 days. In time to play in a shootout. In time to score a header goal in the last five seconds of a playoff game. In time to have my picture in the paper. In time to win a sportsmanship award. None of these meaningful, vivid memories would have happened for me had I still been recovering from the typical appendectomy other doctors would have done.

At 17, finding a stamp and addressing an envelope to a hospital five blocks away quickly lost out to college applications, SAT tests, Friday night football games, and the joys of being a senior. Had I ever sent it, they would know how much they changed my life.

It’s never too late to say thank you. So, Dr. Healy, Dr. Sawin, our first #ThankYouThursday is dedicated to you!

Who has touched your life, in a big or small way, and might not know it? Comment below and share your story with us - we might feature you in an upcoming newsletter!

With gratitude,