Frequently Asked Questions



Does it really look like my own handwriting?

Yes!  Our fonts are each handcrafted to match your identical handwriting.  We capture all your handwriting quirks (‘i’s dotted with hearts, a scribbley signature, or your super-slanted letters).  Learn more about our handwritten fonts here and check out the examples of our fonts compared to real handwriting.

I’m at a loss for what to write on the 200+ thank you notes I need to complete.  Can KinderInk help?

Yes absolutely!  Every week, we post #ThankYouThursday to offer thank you note writing tips , templates, etiquette and fun gratitude stories.  Also, once you’re a KinderInk customer, we’ll provide you a template for writing the perfect thank you note (the kind your guests will actually want to save).

I love your service but my guests are very traditional.  Do I have any options besides a printed thank you note?

Yes, of course!  We have three packages, so there’s something for everybody!  If you’re more of a handwritten-traditional gal, we’d recommend the Silver Signature package, which includes custom stationery and envelope printing!  Learn more about the package options here.

May I use your thank you note service for events other than my wedding?

Yes! Although our featured card designs focus primarily on weddings, we would be happy to design a custom card for you—corporate events, baby showers, birthday parties—you name it!  If you need any help ordering just reach out to us at:



What’s the minimum quantity of cards I can order?

25. Our quantities increase by 25 from there.

 How many cards should I order?

You'll likely have an engagement party, a shower (or two or three), a bachelorette party, and of course the big day.  All of these people should be thanked, plus peripherals like your wedding planner, or vendors who did a great job (or..hint, hint...your parents).  Plan one card for each invite.  (You might not receive a gift from every invitee, but you will want a few extra for unexpected gifts.)

May I change the color or size of my thank you cards?

We have a variety of card designs to meet many styles and colors through our standard pricing.  If you would like to order a different color or size, we can accommodate that through our custom service.  

Can you design custom thank you cards?

Of course!  We love designing.  For details, just email us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!

May I see a proof?

Yes.  We send proofs for all custom orders.  If yours is not custom and you would still like a proof,we can email you one that includes a guest’s message.  Just make sure you request this up front!

What happens if I order 100 cards and end up sending only 85 printed messages?

We will mail you the remaining cards to use as personal stationery.


Do you mail cards to me or directly to my guests?

You choose!  Some brides prefer to receive all of the complete thank you notes for the final stamp and seal, while others prefer we send them directly to guests.  If we send directly to guests, we’ll add a charge for stamps to your final order. 

How long will it take for my thank you notes to ship?

Typically we fulfill orders within two weeks of receiving all of the information we need from you.If you need your thank you notes sent faster, please let us know.  We will always do our best to accommodate you!


Customer Service

Will you edit my thank you notes?

Because your messages are personal, we don’t edit them.  So, make sure you’ve corrected all spelling and grammar.  But, if we do find something that doesn't look quite right, we'll check with you before fixing it.

When may I call your customer service?

Anytime!  We will answer or return your call within 24 hours.  If you prefer email, reach us at  

How does your guarantee work?

We know our products are fabulous and that your recipients will be tickled with delight.  But hey, if you’re not just over the moon, for any reason, we will refund you 100%.  We just ask  that you let us know what you didn't love about your experience, so we can improve.