About Us

In a world of email, Facebook, and Evites, a beautiful note tucked inside a big colorful envelope, expressing sweet sentiments of a thank you, is a welcomed surprise.  


Running a family business (can you tell we're sisters?), we get to spend more time with the people we love, so we can imagine how much you value all that your loved ones brought to your special day.  


We also know that modern newlyweds have much competing for their time and that building your new life together should be your first priority.


When we're not designing thank you cards, we can be found on a plane, baking French macarons, hosting a 

fancy dinner party, at the farmers market, kicking a soccer ball, or saving the planet one plastic bottle at a time.  


We love everything about the business we've created—from designing to offering you improved efficiency—and we hope you do too!




                                                                                The Kinder Girls


"Be thankful, always."
- Les Filles Kinder-