Your words.  Our work.


that write themselves

KinderInk cards are printed in your handwriting

How It Works

Select a package and design.

Select a package, your favorite card design, and envelope color.  

Send us your info.

Submit a handwriting sample, addresses, and your personalized message for each card.

Let us handle the rest!


Relax and let your thank you notes write themselves!  We'll print, address, stamp, and seal your cards.

Send heartfelt thank yous

Put more thought into writing something your guests will remember.

Complete your

thank you notes

in an afternoon.

Never write "finish thank you notes" in your planner again.  

Delight your guests

Send beautiful, personalized cards so quickly they'll know immediately how much you love them.

Relax on your honeymoon,

guilt free.

Enjoy your first year as newlyweds without looming thank yous.

Customize your cards

Incorporate motifs and colors from your wedding theme .